A row of houses which are all suitable for a valuation

Help to Buy valuations

Help to Buy is a scheme where the government lends buyers up to 20% of the cost to buy a new build home interest free for 5 years. This means that you only have to pay a 5% deposit. If you would like to repay your Help to Buy loan, then you will need a valuation to determine how much you need to repay.

Probate valuations

When someone dies their executor needs to know the value of the property for probate. Above all this valuation needs to be accurate and in line with what HMRC require.

HS2 Purchase valuation

If your property is affected by the new HS2 route then you may be in contact with HS2 to get a compulsory purchase. To do this you need a market valuation of the property as if it were not affected by HS2.

Private sales and purchase valuation

These types of valuations are for if you wish to know a current market valuation on a property you are buying or currently own.

Capital gains tax valuation

The capital gains of a property is worked out as the difference between what you paid for the property and what you get on disposing of it. Usually this would be worked out by the sale price when you sell the property. However, in some circumstances you may not be selling on the open market.

For example you could be:

  • Passing land onto a family member.
  • Giving land away.
  • Selling land at a reduced price.

In these cases you would need a current market valuation to be able to work out the capital gains.

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